meet the team



Robyn Shaw
Co-Founder/Head Coach

CrossFit Coach (L-2, CF Gymnastics, StrongFit)
Precision Nutrition Level 1
BA Fine Arts

Robyn is the main point of contact for all participants in the lifestyle challenge. Through flexible dieting and building a solid nutritional foundation, Robyn has been able to see continuous success in and outside of the gym. Her passion and main goal is to expose as many people out there as possible to the world of flexible dieting through fun, exciting challenges.


Dan Visentin

6-year CrossFit gym owner (Crossfit 416)
CrossFit Coach (L-2, CF Weightlifting, CF Football, CF Movement & Mobility)

Dan knows first hand the effort it takes to run a successful gym. Dan's goal is to share with other gym owners the knowledge he has gained over the years of running challenges at his gym in order to offer all members out there the chance to progress through proper nutrition and lifestyle coaching.