tracking your progress


Included in the challenge will be an InBody Scan 

This machine is a body composition analysis machine that will give you all the information about what you’re made of. This 30 second test will provide you information on your Muscle - Fat ratio including lean body mass, body fat mass, visceral fat areas etc. 

It will also give you your basal metabolic rate and obesity analysis along with much more information. This scan will be done once at the beginning of the challenge and once at the end of the challenge for you to see your progress!

Visit for more information on this procedure. 

Your very own myBODZii profile! 

We’ve developped this app for easy tracking along the 28 day challenge. In this app you can

- View and review your profile which includes your macros and body composition

- Complete your daily check-ins

- Skim through our library full of important and helpful information

Check in’s start on the Tuesday morning after the first day of your challenge is complete. Before completeing your check in, there are a few things that you have to do!

1 - Complete your given Test WOD

2 - Take your before photos

3 - Complete your InBody scan

Your check in will not close, so please make sure to have all this information before your first check in is complete!