Tips and tools for success


winners will be selected based on the following criteria: 

  1. Positive body composition changes visible through Before and After photos. 
  2. Total points earned through adherence of the point system
  3. Performance improvement in the test WOD 


Planning ahead is one of the most important components of the challenge. So here are some helpful tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

Clear out temptations

Having treats and snacks around the house at all times will make it more difficult on you staying on top of your diet

Have healthy food on hand

Do a big grocery shop at the beginning of the week to re-stock your cleared out kitchen with healthy, fresh produce!

Plan your week of meals

Know which days you’ll be at work for a couple of meals? Make sure you have enough food cooked ahead of time and ready to go for those days.

Meal Prep

Cook in big batches so your food lasts for more than one day and you stay one step ahead of the game. If you know you have food prepared you are less likely to go out.

As you can see, you will see the most success out of this challenge if you are well organized. 

Grab a calendar and map out what your week will look like. Schedule out your workouts so you can plan your pre and post-workout meals. 

Note how many meals are needed for work, and cook dinners that will allot for leftovers the next day! 

Do not forget that you have access to our Facebook group to ask all coaches and participants questions for support along the way.


Tracking App or website

Apps like My Fitness Pal provide a database for tracking your food.  More reliable sites like are considered more accurate.  This tool will provide invaluable insight into the foods you are eating.


Your coach is your lifeline on your journey!  The daily check-ins will allow your coaches insight into your progress and struggles, and serves as a way to help keep you on track.  Your coaches will also be able to make adjustments to your diet if needed.

Measuring Tape

Similar to the weight scale, this tool can be used to keep track of progress no matter your goal.  As is will accurately measure changes in body composition.

Body Weight Scale

Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight it will be important to keep this measure to help you and your coach understand how you’re reacting to your macronutrient guidelines and meal timing.

Food Scale

The food scale is the most effective way to track what you’re eating. If you want to know exactly how your body reacts to certain foods and quantities, weight and measuring food is the way to go.  This also adds an element of precision that will take your progress to the next level. Food scales can be found at Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon, or any pharmacy.