tips and tricks



You're at the end of your challenge modules. Thanks for taking the time to read through these and watch the videos. We're excited for you to start on your journey with BODZii. In the videos above, you'll find some frequently asked questions such as,

"Does the challenge follow any specific diet? Vegan, vegetarian, paleo etc?"

"What about a gluten free diet?"

"What do we do if we're on vacation?"

"What if I already have my own macros?"

We've also provided you with some extra tips and tricks along to make your processes a little bit easier.

Have an amazing challenge!

  • Turn off all electronics (smartphones, TV, computer) 1hr before bed
  • Avoid Caffeine later in the afternoon
  • Keep your bedroom dark. This includes turning off any electronics that emit light, use opaque drapes. Bright lights trigger your brain to stay awake, so best avoid that before trying to get some sleep
  • Try and stay consistent with the times that you go to bed so your body can get into a sleep cycle
  • When grocery shopping, stick to the perimeter. Food with a long shelf-life. has most likely been processed in some way, shape or form.
  • Avoid foods that come in packages and have additives.
  • Stock up on herbs and spices (fresh and dried).
  • Batch cook early on in the week to save yourself time and stress later on!