“Every week I learn something new and incorporate it in my lifestyle. It’s progress and there’s no going back. Even if I have ups and downs, especially during a pandemic, the things I learn put me in a different place than before.”

Tamara worked with two nutritionists before joining BODZii.

Every time she started with a nutritionist, she’d have a lot of motivation.
But every time, as the months passed she would feel the motivation slip away.

The other nutritionists were very strict about their diet plan.
They’d say things like “You HAVE to eat this or you can NEVER eat this.”
They were so specific about the amount of grams, it was too much for her.
When she had setbacks, they would chastise her and it made her feel discouraged.

However, even though those diet plans never worked for her, that’s what she came to expect from nutrition coaching.

That’s why when she started with BODZii, she was surprised that we were different.

She was even skeptical at first since there was no specific diet plan.

But then she realized as she tracked her macros, her coach would give her specific, tailored feedback on ways to tweak her meals. It might be an ingredient to add a bit more protein during lunch, or ways to cook with less salt during dinner, but she had no idea that she would get such a personalized experience.

She was so used to general advice, she had no idea how much better feedback made just for her would be.

Now she looks forward to her one-on-ones. Her past nutritionists would focus on ways she wasn’t following their prescribed diet. With BODZii, her nutrition coach Zeynep focuses on what she can do to get better.

Here at BODZii, it’s always about a long-term goal and it’s a supportive environment.

“To anyone who was skeptical like me, keep doing it and find out what you need. I was so used to a standardized experience, I didn’t know it would be so tailored to my specific lifestyle and needs.”

Q&A with Tamara

Why did you decide to get a nutrition coach?

“I was in a particularly bad time with my nutrition and fitness level. Through my gym, I tried the BODZii 6 week Summer Sweat program. At first, I was surprised there was no diet plan, but it’s turned out to be so much better than any other nutritionist I’ve tried before.

I started out skeptical, and wasn’t sure it would amount to anything. That was before I knew how tailored the experience would be to my needs. Now I see that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

How has your relationship with your body and food changed?

“Now that I think about what I used to do, I want to ask myself, are you crazy? Before starting with BODZii, I told the BODZii dietitian Stephanie if I was too tired to eat I’d just have bread and cheese as a meal.

I can see now I wouldn’t have been satisfied. Through this experience, I see food as something I need. It can sound obvious looking back, but that has helped me. Now I see food as a friend, and I want to workout and stay active.

Before I felt like I couldn’t eat too much or I’d gain weight. Now I plan out what I eat in a positive way and make sure I have enough.”

What’s been the biggest improvement so far?

“I feel more energized because I’m taking care of my body with higher quality food.
What’s helped me the most is tracking my food and getting specific feedback on that.

Now I have a better relationship with my body and I feel lighter, even if the scale says something different. I like that when I do something my coach recommends, my body answers and gives a result.

You might not think on a daily basis things are changing, but when I look at my before and after pictures I see the difference.”

What is your relationship with your coach like?

“I really like how even if I wasn’t doing great, the coach is super supportive. There’s no need to put more pressure when I know I’m not at a high point. The previous nutritionists outside of BODZii did that a lot.

Here with Zeynep, she understands it’s a long-term goal and she’s always supportive. I feel we connect well even if it’s through email. We talk about life, and I found out we’re both in Turkey. Sometimes we make comments on the BODZii Facebook group and she told me I can always approach her.”

What is the process of starting with a BODZii nutrition coach?

“I really like all the feedback and how tailored it is for me. This isn’t just general advice. In the beginning, I didn’t understand why it had to be at least three months, but now I do. This is a journey that can’t be done over a single month.

There’s lots of things I changed in my daily life based on what I learned. It starts with understanding, like knowing the importance of ratios between macronutrients, and the importance of staying active beyond just exercise. Now I have a standing desk I use when I work from home. It’s also made me more careful reading nutrition labels, I didn’t know vegan burgers could still have so much fat.”

Is there a certain type of person you’d recommend to use a nutrition coach?

“Definitely, I already recommended it to a couple of friends. I think it’s worth the value.”

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