As a new mom, Jax’s hands were full with the little one so her husband would take care of the food. That made it harder than ever to be in control of her macros. She knew she needed a goal and a deadline to hold her accountable.

Jax went into this challenge wanting to lose pregnancy weight. She didn’t expect to be told to eat more and still lose 3 lbs! Here’s what she posted at the end of our challenge.

Three years ago leading up to her wedding, our BODZii calculator gave her 1672 calories for a day. She stuck close to that for years and tried to go back to that after the baby’s arrival. However, it’s no longer what’s right for her body.

Even though it’s hard mentally to go up in macros and calories, she took a leap of faith and her measurements for chest, waist, and hips went down almost 2”! Congratulations to Jax for winning our Inspiration of the Month award and sticking with our guidelines even though it sounded counterintuitive.


What does a day in your life look like before and after our 28 Brighter Days Challenge?

“I’ve got two dogs and a baby so there’s not a lot of time for planning and meal prep. When my son was born, my husband did all the cooking and shopping. Then when COVID hit, he was the only one going out to get food for the family. I had little to no control over what I was eating and was too tired to do much about it.

This challenge gave me an excuse to hold both my husband and myself more accountable. I spent more time sitting with him and being specific about exactly what I needed, whether it was low-fat yogurt, peppers, broccoli, whatever. It’s easy to sit and plan the meals for the week, but snacks often get missed. We started planning for those too.”

What helped the most about doing the 28 Brighter Days challenge?

“I came into the challenge thinking I needed to lose pregnancy weight. My body was out of whack with hormones, exhaustion with a baby, stress from COVID, and everything else. I was working out like crazy with little results to show. It surprised me to find out that dialing it in for me was bringing my caloric input up.

When coach Robyn increased my macros the second time in the challenge, I was struggling motivation-wise. I stuck with 1672 calories a day for years before and had been so successful with it and so used to it - and thinking I needed to be hungry to be in shape. But I put my faith in Robyn and trusted the process of revving my metabolism back up by increasing intake.

I stuck with it for 4 weeks and lost 3 pounds but more importantly, my shape was changing and I felt like myself again. I wasn’t expecting that since I was on a maintenance plan with a plan to cut later. It was hard watching other people lose more weight but I know there’s a personalized plan for my body and I can reach out if anything doesn’t feel right.”

Is there anything else about your experience you want to share?

“I have so much trust and respect for Robyn. I’ve seen her go through her own cuts and experiment with different programs. I watched her build BODZii from the ground up, and it’s easy for me to be honest with her. She’s realistic, and she advocates for consistency over perfection.

For example, even throughout the challenge, I chose to drink wine every Saturday night because that’s when I enjoy time with my husband. Even though I knew it would dock points, Robyn isn’t going to lecture me for it. Having that glass of wine helped me stay on track for the other six nights, and I kept my macros consistent.

Overall, I love the Facebook group and how open Robyn is with the live Q&As. This challenge is really catered towards the needs of the participants. Just today I posted about feeling rundown and she was really responsive about tips to stay on track and taking a rest. It’s awesome to have a community to cheer you on and share your personal challenges and accomplishments with.”

Thank you Jax for always being supportive, cheering other folks on, sharing great recipes, and even inspiring another participant’s fajita bowl! Here are some highlights:

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