“My health was getting worse. I needed a change in lifestyle, but didn’t know what to do so I needed someone I could trust.” - Mohit Jumrani

In May 2020, Mohit would eat whenever he felt like and often felt sleepy throughout the day. He had been trying to eat well on his own before BODZii but it wasn’t really working. After three months with BODZii, he’s successfully cut processed food out of his diet, and schedules meals at a specific time of the day.

He even sent us this message sharing his progress:

Change looks different for everyone, and at BODZii we help you set goals that are right for you.

For Mohit, he is setting goals 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months in advance because he believes in the long game and understands change takes time. Every week he sets micro-targets to improve, with up to 6 months of getting his nutrition in check. At 12 months, he will have both his fitness and his nutrition in check but has made progress much earlier than that.

As a self-identified lazy cooker, he knew it would take time to work up to meal prepping, which he is doing now! He’s highly motivated and added lots of physical activity to his routine already. He incorporates Coach Zeynep’s 80/20 rule on eating right, so even on days where he eats something that’s not recommended, he knows he’s on track to improve.

“The best part is I choose for myself. I get the information but at the end of the day, I decide what I want to buy at the grocery store.”

Here is a Q&A with Mohit on his progress and experience so far:

What is a day in your life look like before and after BODZii?

“Before BODZii, I would eat 4-5 times a day without keeping track of what I was doing. My breakfast would start at any point in the day. Sometimes I’d just have coffee and not eat breakfast. Now I catch myself. I’m changing my schedule to think about the time and day than just whenever I feel hungry.

BODZii has helped me understand the difference between a meal and a snack. I set reminders on MyFitnessPal for having meals at set times and I finish food by 8 pm so my sleep isn’t affected. Now my energy levels are so much higher, and I’ve been better about cooking.

One of my favourite things to make is chicken breast. I marinate it and bake a batch. I also love tuna salad and a bit of bean. Nowadays I prep a lot of rice and soybeans.”

What has been your greatest improvement since joining BODZii?

“The biggest improvement has been my energy level, which I didn’t expect. I used to eat too many carbs and felt tired all the time. Now I am starting to work out more so I expect to see even more changes soon.

When I joined BODZii, my goal was simply to lose weight. Now I’m focusing on being a better version of myself. This is a big step up and it’s a complete change in focus to a fitter, healthier, and happier version of myself.”

Can you describe the process of working with Coach Zeynep?

“It’s been very positive. Zeynep is understanding. I am the kind of person to ask a thousand questions. She understands that answering everything would be overwhelming, so she is very accommodating with adapting her answers to make sure it is helpful to me.

She uses her own words and attaches research data to respond and advise me. This allows me to understand the big picture implications but also review and validate the source.

Overall Coach Zeynep has been very nice and friendly, and I am becoming more and more comfortable speaking about different things to her. I typically take time to open up.”

What has helped the most about working with a nutrition coach?

“Before when I was self-coaching, consistency and accountability were difficult. It was easy to make excuses inside my head when I wasn’t accountable to anyone else but now I have Zeynep.

She also keeps me focused. Like I said, I ask a thousand questions but Zeynep helps me stay on track with what I need to focus on first. I told her I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with meal planning and recipes since that is a massive change in my lifestyle. She’s made a note of it and helps me eat as well as I can with easy recipes. Since I started with BODZii, I haven’t ordered in at all.

I would recommend BODZii and Coach Zeynep in a heartbeat. My friend keeps asking me about nutrition coaching, and I told her to join us!”

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