“I thought that with joining BODZii, my body would change so drastically that it would change how I see myself. It’s actually the reverse. Eating better has made me feel so good in my own skin, with more energy to get through the day and excitement to try new physical challenges. 

Courtney loves food.
She has a sweet tooth and describes herself as a very snacky person. 

Even though she tried Weight Watchers a few times, she never found success in the program.
It made her focus so much on her weight, as the number went up and down it would affect her mental health.

She’s had friends who struggled with eating disorders too, so focusing just on numbers wasn’t what she wanted to do.

Since joining BODZii, she’s learned to have a holistic view on health and how to snack with a strategy. It doesn’t mean never snacking, but planning out what she’ll eat at the beginning of the day and getting healthier options.

Now she has way more energy from eating better without being obsessed with numbers. She understands her weight might change, but it’s not just about weight loss. It’s losing fat and gaining muscle.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Courtney has to say:

“I’m grateful to be working with Zeynep and the BODZii team while in quarantine. It’s giving me a positive focus, without shaming me on the days I need to be less fuel focused. It also helps keep me from going into full hibernating bear mode.”

Q&A with Courtney

Why did you decide to get a nutrition coach?

“I felt like it was the next phase of my fitness journey. I did the 28 Day Challenge in January and got really into it. I deeply valued what I learned, and liked how it forced me to change the way I thought about food. It made me see the difference eating well makes beyond just workouts.

Every week there was a different focus, and lots of encouragement to go along with it. The different focuses added challenges that you wanted to meet in support of your overall goal, but you could participate as much or as little as you want to. That’s why I continued with coaching.”

How has your relationship with your body and food changed?

“My relationship with food has changed significantly. BODZii has helped me understand what foods are doing for me. Even on days I’m not as strict about tracking, I know in the back of my head what I’m short on, which is usually protein.

With my body, I feel so different. I thought I would have to look a certain way for me to feel good, but it’s the reverse. I feel so good in my own skin because of my healthier habits, that it’s okay if the physical changes come gradually.

I WANT to eat healthy now. I will choose to eat certain foods over others and rarely want junk.”

What’s been the biggest improvement so far?

“Energy is the biggest improvement. I can feel the change in my body. Now on days when I’m not meeting my macros, I can feel the difference and know how to change it.

I also really like how BODZii doesn’t focus on good foods vs. bad foods, but understanding how foods affect everything else in your life. It’s a holistic educational approach over a one-size-fits-all standard on what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Now I choose healthier snacks, like rice cakes and peanut butter, smaller cans of tuna and a lot of vegetables.”

What is your relationship with your coach like?

“I have a pretty good relationship with Zeynep especially since I’ve gotten to know her through my gym. I like that even though we talk about food, there’s acknowledgement about other things going on in life. For example, the role of food during this pandemic we’re living in.

Usually our meetings are over video call, and in between those are e-mails. The times we meet are flexible too.”

What is the process of starting with a BODZii nutrition coach like?

“My first meeting with Zeynep, we talked about my overall goals and why I wanted to work with her. I had done a BODZii lifestyle challenge already, so we determined my macros through that.

We went over which macros I was struggling with, and then each month she’d give me a new focus. One month might be protein since I had a tendency to be a bit under, and another would be hitting carbs. If I’m struggling to find the right balance, she’d come back with really good advice.

I was snacking a lot during quarantine and she helped me overcome it with a positive mindset. Even if some days I’m not perfect, she motivates me to get back on track the next day.”

Is there a certain type of person you’d recommend to use a nutrition coach?

“I would definitely recommend it to a friend that I know wants to be on this journey. If I have friends focused on getting healthy and making it a priority, I would strongly recommend it. But this is something you have to want.

I can’t say enough good things about this program and I’m so glad I decided to do it. My understanding of food has completely changed and I’m grateful for that.”

BODZii is about empowering YOU, not a quick fix

Here at BODZii, we start with education. Nurturing a healthy understanding of food and what energizes your body is the first step. We don't prescribe diets. Instead we guide you towards making sustainable change that fits your lifestyle.

We don’t learn in school even a fraction of what our body needs to thrive. But you can with BODZii.

For example…
How much protein do you need in a day based on your body?
How might your macronutrient intake be working against your exercise routine?
How does your glycemic index affect your body’s energy?
What is the difference that quality food in turning body fat into muscle?

Take the time now with professionals dietitian Stephanie and nutrition coach Robyn to understand YOUR BODY better!

Our 28 Brighter Days Challenge will set you up for success so you can take what you learned and continuously apply it for the rest of your life.

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