This is based off of my experience and experience working with and around other active individuals.

I’ve been counting my macros for over 7 months now and although I can’t imagine not weighing, measuring and tracking what I eat, there are still incredibly challenging days and days when I question why I still do it. Then I remind myself why I started in the first place and I remind myself of those moments when I either looked in the mirror or finished a WOD and said to myself “Damn, I feel really good.”

I’m not a master when it comes to dieting or macro counting by any means, and I’m continuously learning things along the way. One thing I’ve learned along the way is something I find to be the most important thing that we can remind ourselves as we start creating a healthy relationship with food.

Don’t strive for perfection. Instead, strive for consistency. Trying to be perfect with your eating is not only difficult, but it’s exhausting. When we try to be perfect, we put pressure on ourselves. When we don’t reach perfection, we take it as failure. This can lead into a whole lot of emotional eating and it’s an easy way to throw all your hard work out the window.

Perfection, in this case, means hitting your numbers exactly on point every single day. This also means being overly cautious of what we’re eating and making sure every single thing we put in our mouths is sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, organic, grass fed, or any sort of other dietary restriction. A couple of perfect days, or weeks, is usually followed by a couple days or weeks of eating whatever you’d like because “you deserve it.” Let’s end these “well deserved” binges and start being consistent with how we eat, day in and day out.

Unfortunately, what we don’t realize is that one day or weekend of binge eating can set our bodies back weeks of progress. You’ll see puffiness in the mirror, you’ll see extra weight on the scale, and you’ll feel lethargic in the gym most importantly.

Instead, learn how to incorporate treats into your every day life.

Some tips to help you become more consistent:

Failing to plan is planning to fail – If you’re using a tracking app for your diet, pre-enter your day into your app! If you know you have a party to go to, you have family coming over, or you simply know you’re going to want to have a glass of wine with dinner, enter it ahead of time. Simply work the rest of your day around this indulgence and you won’t have to feel guilty about eating or drinking it.

Just because you went over, doesn’t mean you have to blow it out of the water – Say it’s 7pm and you’re at a dinner. You’ve had maybe 2 glasses of wine or some of that delicious table bread that set you over your daily carb intake. Don’t take this as an opportunity to say, “Oh well, I’m over anyway now. I may as well eat everything I want!” Stop where you are, reset your mindset and move forward.

Enjoy the process – Ultimately this isn’t, or shouldn’t, be about getting a 6-pack. Having goals is important but enjoying and loving the process is even more important. This is about you creating a long lasting healthy relationship with food. Take it one day at a time.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay on track with your eating habits, and will make sure that you can continue to enjoy all the food you love while working towards your fitness goals.

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