Honestly, let's just get right to this. You're busy. I'm not here to waste your valuable time.

1. Understand that you don't have to spend 60-90 minutes in the gym 6 times a week.

There is so much proof (not only within our clients but all over the internet), that you do not, and actually shouldn't, be spending tons of time in the gym on cardio machines putting in hours of sweat equity into your weight loss journey.

I want you to start looking at how you can get the most "bang for your buck" with every hour you spend in the gym. The truth is, you can get your cardio doing so many others things outside the gym, and the gym should be used for muscle and strength building. Brett Contreras says "The strongest you are at a body weight is the smallest you'll be at that body weight".

Aim for 3 times a week lifting weights and get your 10k steps in every day.

2. Set a time to stop work.

The days of spending 12+ hours in front of your computer are over. It's time to set an alarm for you to stop work. Take it a step further and plan an activity that you're going to look forward to at the end of each work day. That way you're not tempted to get back to work because you "have nothing else to do". A reason why you may think you're too busy is because you still think that productivity is measured by hours worked. It isn't.

3. Take regular movement breaks.

Your body is suffering from the amount of time you spend sitting. Each hour, get up and walk for 5-15 minutes. It's short enough amount of time that you can stop what you're doing and still get right back into it when you get back to your desk!

4. Keep your movement simple!

If you're spending time scouring the internet and instagram for workouts to do, you're probably wasting your time. First, cherry picking workouts never got anyone to their goals, and second, the more time you figure out WHAT you should be doing in the gym is time taken away from actually being in the gym. (Check out our beginners guide to hitting the gym here!) and download our free ebook with 5 done-for-you workouts here!

5. Keep your blood sugar low by eating lots of veggies.

Mental clarity and productivity should be one of your top priorities if you're looking for some balance. Why? Because then you can get the same amount of work down in way less time! More time for LIFE! Processed food and high sugar foods have been linked to brain fog. Don't take my word for it! Just go a couple days with no sugar or processed foods, focus on whole foods and lots of veggies and see how you feel!

6. Sleep more.

This is literal hours being put into you creating balance. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Check out our article on Sleep and Productivity here!

7. Find help.

I should have put this as number one because I think it's the most important one. You should know that I have a running coach, a business coach, a nutrition coach and a mentor. Spending time and energy worrying about whether or not I'm on the right path is absolutely exhausting. And it results in me wasting valuable time. Hire someone to help guide you and do a lot of the guess work for you so you can confidently ACT on making your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to find out if you're a fit for our program? YES!? Let's go!