Why is seeking help important?

The same reason why it’s easy to get caught up juggling life, career, relationships and let bad habits build. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to give your body the care it needs, or your life is just too complicated right now, this is just for you.

There is no one right magical moment. It’s about taking a little action day by day.

Yes it can be hard keeping yourself accountable.
Yes it can be too easy to get used to the way things are and settle.
Yes it can feel overwhelming doing it all on your own, especially when you aren’t seeing the results you want.

That’s why we’re here! Here are 5 reasons having a wellness and fitness coach can benefit you.

1) YOU and YOUR specific needs are the priority

Your coach is going to make sure you have everything you specifically need to see progress and success. Whatever is going on in your life, we get to know it all so we can make a plan that makes sense for you. A happy, healthy lifestyle is all about balance based on YOUR needs.

2) Accountability and staying MOTIVATED!

If you can be self-accountable, that is the best case scenario we’re preparing you for. We are building you up so that you can develop habits and eventually do it all on your own. That’s why we don’t prescribe diets, we hold you accountable to your goals by encouraging you!

3) A fresh look at YOUR life

You know your life best, but sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all, it can be hard to focus on your health. Getting a fresh perspective from a seasoned professional can help you look at habits, triggers, and stressors in a different light. Together, we can develop strategies for your day-to-day living.

4) An educational community that’s got your back!

Your coach isn’t just educated and experienced, we are also constantly staying in the know with new research. Our community of nutritionists, crossfit coaches and dietitians are a WEALTH of knowledge, ready to answer your questions and help you develop a plan curated for you.


This is the most important part. It always takes a shorter amount of time working with a team or a coach. If you can stick to what your coach provides you with, guarantee you will see progress much faster that is sustainable. If you’ve ever gained more weight after a diet, then you’ll benefit from the training we give for lifelong results.

It feels amazing to belong to something, a community that’s bigger than you are where everyone is supporting each other in reaching their health goals.

Imagine having a community you could share your biggest stressors and barriers to achieving your health goals with. Now imagine them supporting you in developing a strategy that makes sense for your life. Every week you go about your journey, they’re there to give you feedback on small changes you can do. If you ever have an off day and feel discouraged, they’re there to motivate you.

If you have any questions about coaching at all, let us know. We’re ready to answer your questions on our Facebook group, but if you’re ready to take your health to the next level, download our 5 Healthy Days Guide!