What is your goal body weight?

Do you have a number in mind? Good!

Whatever it is, here is a guide on how to reach it. Before you move forward, be aware that some people think they want to lose a certain amount of weight, but realize they can look and feel much better just by turning fat into muscle definition. Most people look at numbers first which if taken to an extreme, can affect their mental health.

That being said, here is an easy way to figure out what calorie and protein you need to reach the weight you have in mind. As you read this, please remember taking care of your health is a lifelong journey and not just about numbers.

1) Calculate your calories

Here at BODZii, we’re not into tracking calories long-term. We rather people track their food to figure out how much is needed to track food in order to grow awareness. Mindful eating is another option, but counting calories is a good start.

First, take your goal body weight and multiply it by twelve.
If your goal body weight is 150, multiply it by 12.
150 x 12 = 1800

Try hitting this consistently for 3 weeks or longer and see what results you get.

2) Calculate your protein for the day

Keep in mind that you get protein from all sorts of foods you eat throughout the day. The amount of protein you need can be met by a variety of sources, including eggs, oats, nuts, broccoli, lean meat, peanut butter, cheese, chickpeas and more.

Take your goal body weight and multiply it by one.
If your goal body weight is 150, you need 150g of protein.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your protein intake, try this roasted chickpea recipe! We have lots of high-protein meals and snack ideas on our recipe blog.

3) Start tracking your food

Use MyFitnessPal and hit that goal, in this example 1800 calories and 150 g of protein. There are different ways of keeping yourself accountable, like setting strategic routines or building in habits with our free 5 Healthy days guide.

We definitely believe in a buddy system and it helps to have a community cheering you on.

What does your goal body weight actually mean?

Your goal body weight is what your body can be like at your leanest. This isn’t a number set in stone and the reality is this may be a number you may never reach, but it is a goal to get you started.

If you’d like to better understand how these numbers work for you specifically, book a complimentary 25-minute nutrition and lifestyle consultation with a nutrition coach.