It can be tough feeling like you’re not as productive as you can be at home. While it’s valid to take some time and process what’s going on in the world, we’re here to help you get back on track.

Do you feel like…

😓 The motivation you had before isn’t there?

💤 You’re constantly in a sluggish ‘home mode’?

💩 Even though you are productive sometimes, you end up in a slump?

Here’s how to build a Morning, Midday and Evening routine that will make you feel motivated and productive.

What makes a good routine, quarantine or not?

🕐-It doesn’t take too much time
(5-7 minutes).

Start small. Starting a routine is like starting a workout. You don’t want to overcommit in a way that tires you out.

👌-Simplicity is key.

Don’t make it difficult for yourself. It’s supposed to energize you, not take up energy!

💭-Make sure your routine fits the purpose.

Everyone is different, but for example an intense workout right before bed may make it hard for you to relax. For other people, it may help them feel tired and wind down.

Pay attention to how your body and mind feels. Adapt your routine to your needs and not the other way around!

Morning Routine

The goal for your morning routine is to get you ready for the day.
Here are some ideas for things you can do.

🌊-Get hydrated:

Drink up! You just spent 7-8 hours without any water. If you take supplements, try taking one gulp of water with each one!

-Freshen up:

Sometimes, it just takes a few deep breaths to get you in the zone! Wash your face, take a quick rinse to wake the sleep out of your eyes.

💓-Get your heart going:

Do some morning stretches, a couple jumping jacks or whatever’s easy that gets you moving!

Remember, these should only take 5-10 minutes so don’t feel like you need to do every single thing. Doing a few things well is better than doing many things and rushing through it.

Here’s an example of Robyn’s morning routine:
She gets up, goes to the bathroom to pee and brushes her teeth. Then she does her skincare routine. She takes supplements with a big swig of water with each one. By 11 she has more than a litre of water which makes her feel set for the day.

Simple right? That’s the idea!

🌙Evening Routine

This is the opposite of your morning routine. Now the goal is to relax and go to sleep. Bring your energy level down rather than up.

Here are some ways:

😌-Calm your body down:

Turn off the lights, have some herbal tea, take a hot shower

👇-Bring the stimulus of the day down:

Put your phone away, you can set up an alarm for 20 minutes before bed. Turn off the screens. Read a book instead.

💭-Quiet reflection:

Meditate or journal. You can start small and just write down one thing you’re grateful for that day or learned from. If you tend to overthink, try to focus on that one thought before going to sleep.

Getting your 7-8 hours is super important. It is a key building block for your health, like hydration and stress. If you have something that works really well for you, let us know!

🌞Midday Routine

Maybe you already nailed the morning and evening routine, but realize you have a mid-afternoon slump. Working from home can do that, especially if you’re used to taking a lunch hour and a change of scenery.

Here are some ideas to break up your day:

🕧-Take a lunch break.

If you were at work, this would be your lunch hour. Set an alarm for 12:30 or whenever you usually have lunch and make that a routine.

💨-Physical and mental break:

Get off your chair and move around. This doesn’t mean you have to go on an hour long workout. You can take 5-10 minutes and go for a jog, or do squats.

👋-Social and emotional breaks:

Rather than just scrolling through social media, connect with someone. Video call a friend or pet your cat! Maybe you can ask someone to be your meme buddy and send each other funny pictures.

If you’re feeling alone trying to get a routine going, join a Care-mongering Nutrition Facebook group where we make supportive posts, people ask questions and cheer each other on.

Whatever your midday routine is, make sure it involves getting up and taking your mind off of work or stressful things going on. It’s important to get updated, but even this handsome doctor recommends only checking the news once a day or once every two days.

Working from home is new to a lot of us. For our boss Robyn, she’s been working from home for a few years and wants you to know this is doable. You are absolutely capable of being productive and motivated in your own home!

It’s about creating or planning structures or your own. If you have suggestions, or things you do religiously, let us know!

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