Got something holding you back back?
So did the folks in our 28 Brighter Days Challenge!

We had people from all walks of life, that despite their circumstances made incredible progress in 28 days:

  • Lucy Ellis, $1000 grand prize winner: her weight was at an all time high because of the pandemic and boredom eating. She lost 15 lbs by eating 3 regular meals a day.
  • Jax Lee, our Inspiration of the Month winner: she was going through postpartum stress and her husband did all the cooking. By upping her macros, she lost 1.75” off her waist.
  • Andrea Daniel, our House Chef award winner: her days are hectic as a healthcare worker on the frontlines 80 hours a week. She doubled her macros and lost 3 lbs.
  • Debdatta Bose, our Sharing is Caring award winner: she was travelling to Banff with her husband and kids during the challenge and still improved her meals, sleep and protein goals.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Let us show you how our 28 Brighter Days Challenge has helped our participants set a foundation for a healthier, happier life!

All our participants get a personalized, initial call to set their specific goals. For some people, it’s about getting their body off of starvation mode by upping calories. Only after that and getting regular workouts (even in 15-30 minute segments during the day) do our coaches cut again.

Here’s how we make it fun and keep our participants motivated!

  • Daily check-ins and weekly surprise mini-challenges to earn points from
  • Curated tips, motivational articles, macro-friendly recipes, and a leaderboard of points every day
  • Anyone can jump in and share questions, wins, and challenges  our Facebook group of motivated folks, dietitians and coaches are there to support and cheer you on
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions from coach Robyn for in-depth answers to your questions
  • Before and after photos so you can see your process 
  • $1000 cash prize + 5 awards

When you join our challenge, we help you figure out

  • What myths about food are holding you back?
  • How can higher quality food turn your body fat into muscle?
  • What habits and strategies can keep you motivated even after the challenge?
  • How much protein do you need in a day based on your body?
  • How might your macronutrient intake be working against your exercise routine?
  • How does your glycemic index affect your body’s energy?
  • And more!

28 Brighter Days =

28 Brighter Days of proper food portioning and fat loss
28 Brighter Days of 1 hour physical activity and muscle definition
28 Brighter Daysof 7-8 hours of sleep and more energy
28 Brighter Days of nutrition education for lasting change

Our challenges are personalized and built around the needs of our specific community! We love bringing together people who wanted to improve their health and cheer each other on.

Colourful Plate Challenge highlights:

Mobility Challenge highlights:

Steps challenge highlights:

But most of all, we love that people took the initiative to share wins, questions and challenges with the community!

Congratulations to all our participants! Stay tuned for our next challenge.