Finally, the 10th and final step into building your inner athlete is realizing and embracing the fact that you are an athlete. As an athlete, you must live like an athlete.  And since the majority of us are athletes for life, making a lifestyle that reflects these efforts in the gym and the efforts we put into our diet will set you up not only to reach closer goals but longer term goals.

Revisit each and every one of these goals as you continue to make yourself a better, fitter, stronger, healthier version of yourself. Incorporating these things into your daily life will remind you that being an athlete doesn't have to be playing on a team sport. It also doesn't have to mean you're trying to make a national level team or try and compete in any means. Being an athlete means you have something to train for and something to eat healthy for - even if that something is simply a better life.

Here it all is - the 10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete

10 steps towards building your inner athlete

1 - Quality over quantity (micronutrients, vitamins, minerals)

2 - Push the intensity (get in the gym and work hard)

3 - Fluid balance (water consumption balanced with electrolytes to support training)

4 - One macro at a time (making small changes)

5 - Build your support system (family, friends, mentors)

6 - Stay active (take the stairs! Don't be a lazy athlete)

7 - Ask for help (Lean on your coaches, don't assume or guess)

8 - Consistency vs. perfection

9 - Align your diet with your goals

10 - Make it a lifestyle (always keep working and don't give up)


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