The importance of having people around you that believe in and support what you're doing - CrossFit gyms, this is what we thrive off of. Building your inner athlete takes a village.

Teammates or training partners: These guys are always in your corner. Find someone (or someones) who will push you when you need to be pushed and who will support you when you need some support. Not every day is going to be easy and getting through a hard day is made much easier when you have people going through the same thing you are. These guys get it. They know what you’re doing every day. This group of people are also best for adding levity to a lot of tough situations. Training can be difficult and nutrition can be overwhelming - Look to these people to give you a laugh.

Coaches: They also know what you’re going through. Usually they’re the ones making you do it! Open communication with coaches WILL help with your success. Let them know how you’re doing. How did that workout feel? How is your body feeling? How is your sleep, stress, hunger levels, work life? Your coach wants you to succeed - always remember that.

If you don’t have a coach, seek out a professional for advice. If you’re having issues with a certain movements, a certain diet plan, reach out to someone that can help you. You never have to do any of this alone. Nutritionists, Nutrition Coaches, Registered Dieticians, A coach at a local CrossFit box or gym, Personal Trainers, Physio therapists, Chiros. Your community is littered with knowledgeable people who can help you.

Loved ones: Although Grandma might not really understand what the heck it is your doing, she loves you. Ultimately that’s what matters. Your loved ones want you to succeed in anything you do. Being able to talk to these people about what it is you do is important. So, explain it to them. If Mom is starting to get a little worried that you’re tracking everything you put in your mouth or eating too much (or too little), sit down and explain it to her. If your boyfriend or girlfriend sees you starting to ramp up your training intensity and is afraid you’re going to get hurt, take him or her to the gym! Let them into this lifestyle and help them help you.

Having likeminded people around you who believe in you and believe in what you’re doing will help you be confident in yourself and confident in building your inner athlete.


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