This step can relate well to building your support system although most of the time your support system won’t exclusively be fitness or health professionals you can go to for help. Most of the time, your support system will be your loved ones.

For someone starting on their fitness journey or maybe first timers dialling in your nutrition, this step will come easier for you. Help is everywhere for you to take advantage of. Do just that! Starting out can mean a world full of questions and worries that can all be sorted out by asking questions and talking to someone to has experience. No question is a stupid question. Everyone is on their own path and journey to living a healthy lifestyle - we’re all just at different points along the way.

Questions about movements and training? Find your local CrossFit box and ask a coach or contact us as info@crossfit416.ca and talk to one of our fitness professionals.

Questions about rehab, pain, and/or injury? Seek out a physiotherapist or chiropractor. There's no sense working through an injury alone. Getting advice and help can significantly reduce your healing time. Dr. Paul Oh provides fantastic services helping athletes at all ranges move better and pain free. Book an assessment with him here!

Questions about nutrition or living a better lifestyle? Talking to Registered Dietician or working with a nutrition Coach will cut down the time of finding the perfect diet plan that works for you. Ask for help with food quality, nutrient timing, meal prep, or simple recipe ideas. BODZii is a program that believes in taking control of your life through proper nutrition. Sign up for the program Here!

For those of you who are further along in your fitness and health journey, in this step, it’s almost like taking a step back. Not literally - let’s strive to keep moving forward - but figuratively. Take a step back and look at the areas in which you can improve. As we become more confident in and outside the gym and with our nutrition, it’s easy to think that we have it all figured out. As much as you know as an athlete, there’s someone out there who knows more. Having a competitive nature can be hugely successful towards your growth but having competitive nature hinder your progress by seeing everyone else as your competition isn’t what we want. Instead, collaborate with others to help you succeed even more.

The more you know, the more you realize how much you don't know!