Discover Phase

Discover Phase


The first part of your coaching journey is all about developing a relationship withyour coach and setting goals. The best way for your coach to coach you is if they know you!

The Discover phase is all about giving your coach the information they need to guide you .The basics will be covered: Sleep, stress, hydration, activity level, and food quality.

You’ll start tracking your food, establish an activity and exercise plan and work on creating healthy habits with your coach. A successful Discover phase is building consistency with your data entry.

By the end of this phase, your coach should have a minimum of 3 weeks worth of entries. Weekly progress photos, weight entries, measurements, daily food logs, and anything else requested by your coach.

A coach will not move your forward if your Discover phase has gaps and inconsistencies, missed daily food logs, missed weigh ins, photo uploads etc. Tracking and collecting data in all these areas and entering them into your Trainerize profile regularly will help your coach also establish trends.

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