Dial Phase

Dial Phase


It’s time to get dialed in! The third phase proves itself to be the most diffcult and rewarding phase.

Action items will include things like: Slowly decreasing caloric intake to leanout, increasing lean protein intake to build muscle mass, increasing intensityand consistency in activity level. Consistency with your tracking, logging accurately and continuing to provide measurements and photos are highly important.

People in the Dial phase have a very high level of compliance and consistency and are ready to push themselves outside their comfort zone.

A successful Dial phase would be a consistently high accuracy and compliance with changing macronutrients. Your data entries should continue to be consistent and your entry points should reflect you moving inthe right direction. You should see positive change in progress photos and on the scale. A coach will move you out of the dial phase if they’re not seeing progress or you’re lacking consistency. Our Dial phase lasts a maximum of 12 weeks.

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