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the bodzii program

4 Phases. Forever Results.

Our program is broken down into 4 phases. Each phase will be structured around your ultimate health, wellness, or weight loss goal. You will go through each phase as you check in with your personal coach on a weekly basis.

Used to collect data and identify areas of improvement. Aka The “getting to know you” phase!

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Focus on building the foundation like sleep and food quality. You should start to feel increases in energy.

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Time to dial it in! This is where we will take you through a caloric deficit to lose weight or bring you into a surplus to a gain lean muscle.

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After a max of 12 weeks in the Dial phase, let's debrief! Start the process over again to keep moving forward, or transition into our Defend phase.

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the bodzii method

6 Pillars Of Progress

BODZii will guide you through each pillar, making sure you're learning the habits you need for a lifetime of success.
Sleep hygiene, quality and quantity of sleep plays a massive impact in your progress.
Manage your stress levels by understanding triggers and creating action plans.
Food Quality
Understand the role micronutrients, vitamins & minerals  play in your body.
Learn how to portion the macronutrients in your meals based on your specific body type.
Calorie Balance
Find the perfect energy balance to keep you feeling strong and energized while losing unwanted body fat.
Take care of your body with the proper supplements to take your nutrition to the next level.

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