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BODZii Online is a complete 9-week course dedicated to educating and empowering you with habits to change your life.

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Does the world of conflicting nutrition information out there make you
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Relax. My team and I have put together a course to help you understand, navigate, and motivate. Learn about the most important and impactful topics in heath and wellness and start implementing them into your life today.

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Course Outline

BODZii Online covers 8 important topics.
Each topic has two sections.
Section one is "What To Know" covering basic information, science ,and facts about the topic.
Section two is the practical. How are you going to apply this new knowledge into your life?

Each topic has videos, text, quizzes, additional reading material and a tracker.

The Lifestyle Building Blocks

Think of these blocks as site preparation and foundation pouring. We’re getting you ready to put up the framing and install plumbing, electrical and HVAC.


What to know about sleep hygiene, patterns, and cycles and best practices on getting your best nights sleep.


Stress hormones, effects, and causes. How to reduce stress in your life, and how to maintain a balance of positive and negative stressors.


Effects and causes of dehyrdation, best practises, and ways for you to see the amazing benefits of simply drinking more.


The Nutrition Building Blocks

Build the base of great food quality before diving deep into calories and macronutrients.

Food quality & mentality

Build a positive relationship with food, understand what a food is made up of and how certain foods will benefit you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Energy balance

You can have too much of a good thing. understand how to eat to support energy levels, but not too much to support body unwanted fat.


What are macronutrients? What are their rolls, what are the best sources, and how can I find my personal macro profile?


Diving Deeper: Sustainability

Making lasting changes is what we're all about. Here's how to fine tune your diet to make it sustainable for you and for the envionment.

eating to prevent illness

Fad dieting, blood sugar regulation, and metabolic adaptaion. All things we should understand when trying to find our perfect diet.

eating for sustainability

Let's find a diet that you're going to stick to and enjoy sticking to. Let's also find you a diet that's going to be kind to the earth and the environment.

Meet Your Coaches
Emilie Trottier, Sports R.D. and Robyn Shaw, PNL-1 Nutritionist, have been working together for 4 years. Running group challenges and coaching hundreds of individuals towards their goals, they're sharing everything they've learned about the most effective and sustainable practises when it comes to weight loss and performance.

Both Emilie and Robyn are available throughout your course for support.
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Exactly what you've been looking for.
We're the only nutrition program out there that is dedicated to educating people on the importance of lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress before diving into the complicated world of nutrition. But we'll even make that simple for you.
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