meal prep


Meal Prep

Making meal prep less of a nightmare and a burden can be made easy by following some simple steps

1: Become aware of the trends. Which meal are you most likely to miss? Or, which meal do you think you can improve on? (ie. always ordering in or eating out, snacking on bars instead of whole foods etc) These are the meals you will prepare. 

2: Purchase foods that you enjoy from the store. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you’ll eat all of the veggies when you hate most of them. They’ll just sit in your fridge and go bad. Buy what you like to eat.

3: Schedule in time: Treat meal prep as if it’s a client meeting or an appointment. Pick a day one time a week where you know you can spend some time in the kitchen. Write in in your calendar and commit to it

4: Set a timer: It’s easy to spend 5 hours in the kitchen on a sunday afternoon. It’s hard to stay consistent with that every week. Instead, set a timer for 2 hours on whichever day you decide to do some prep and see how much you can prep in that given time. This prevents hours in the kitchen and leaves you feeling like you could do it again the next week.

5: Switch it up: Every couple of weeks, once you get the hang of things, start moving faster in the kitchen, and once weighing and tracking becomes less of a nightmare, switch up the flavourings. Add spices and try to vary your sources of protein to keep you from hating chicken breast.