Challenge overview

We're in your gym, providing your members with nutrition coaching that delivers results.

We know you're busy being a gym owner making sure things run smoothly. We also know you want to make sure your members are being provided with everything they need in order to see continuous success. We've come up with a challenge you can easily and seamlessly implement into your gym, providing your members with support, coaching, and all the tools they need in order to lose weight, get stronger and increase energy levels. 

Our challenge focuses on the essentials to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle - Food quality, mentality, meal portioning and tracking, sleep, hydration, stress, exercise and mobility. Through following the challenge guidelines, participants have the opportunity to build a great foundation by focusing on one or more of the multiple aspects at a time or by diving into the challenge a little deeper through tracking their macronutrients with more precision. Whatever level athletes you have at the gym, the challenge is flexible to challenge all. 

With daily check-ins, your athletes will be held accountable. With a live leaderboard, your athletes will have motivation. And with access to a BODZii Coach, your athletes will have the knowledge.