Q:Why run a challenge and just not offer 1-on-1 coaching?

Challenges are fun. They get people excited. It's also a great way to create a positive culture change in your gym with a focus on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The challenge acts as a less-committal, less-scary way for members to start working on their nutrition without having to commit to working with a coach right away. See our video on our blog about why we think challenges are so effective!

Q: What if I, the gym owner, want to be more involved in the challenge?

Yay! We love it when coaches and owners get excited and involved. You can get involved by doing Facebook Live announcements with us, recruiting members to sign up, participating in the challenge yourself, and acting as our in-gym touch point for all challenge participants. 

Q: What if I don't have time. Do you really do everything for me?

We understand you don't have much time. That's why we've made the amount of work you, the gym owner, have to do very minimal. The least amount of work you'd have to do is copy, paste, and post content on your gym's social media. 

Q: I'm not a nutritionist. What if I get asked questions I can't answer?

We'll answer them for you. Any time you're approached with a question, please refer out to Robyn, our challenge head coach and she'll be happy to answer any questions that come up.

Q: We already have a nutritionist and offer nutrition services. Can I still host a challenge?

Yes! We recommend it! We can work together with your in-house nutritionist and run this challenge along side your nutrition services. If anything, this challenge will act as a fun way to get members excited about focusing on their lifestyle and nutrition which could then lead to more nutrition clients for you!

Q: What can members expect after only 4 weeks?

At the very least, members can expect to build a foundational understanding of proper nutrition and flexible dieting. At the most, members can expect to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and significantly improve performance.