Our 28 day challenge is full of proven strategies tested by our nutrition coaches on thousands of people around the world. These methods are built in seamlessly so our participants can have fun, get healthy and develop LIFELONG habits for better living!

Take a look at our past challenge winners:
Lucy Ellis
$1000 grand prize winner: her weight was at an all time high, she was in bad mental health state and boredom snacking to an extreme. She lost 15 lbs by eating 3 regular meals a day. She is still going strong 4 months later.
Thomas Klein
Our Mr. Consistency award winner. He lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks by doing our daily e-mail check-ins to hold himself accountable.
Jax Lee
Our Inspiration of the Month winner. She was going through postpartum stress and her husband did all the cooking. By increasing her food intake, she lost 2+ inches off her waist.
Andrea Daniel
Our House Chef award winner with the most amazing looking recipes! Her days are hectic as a healthcare worker on the frontlines 80 hours a week. She doubled her food intake and lost 5 lbs.
Debdatta Bose
Our Sharing is Caring award winner. She was travelling to Banff with her husband and kids during the challenge and still improved her meals, sleep and protein goals.
“Don’t underestimate accountability. Posting your ‘scores' and tracking your food, knowing there’s others ‘out there’ holding you accountable actually works! The Bodzii challenge is NOT all about food. Getting 7 hours of sleep and incorporating mobility into each day were sometimes the biggest hurdles for me; yet two things which brought great benefit!”
Ashley K.
“This challenge kept me accountable in getting 7-9 hours of sleep each day, which has really helped me be more attentive and focused at work.I’m more likely to workout in the morning, and I feel like I have more output when it comes to performance at the gym or running”
Heather M.
Every week I learn something new and incorporate it in my lifestyle. It’s progress and there’s no going back. Even if I have ups and downs, especially during a pandemic, the things I learn put me in a different place than before.
Tamara T.
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How does it work?

1. Follow the Rules

Sleep 7-8 hours a night
No added sugars
No alcohol
Drink 2.5-3L of water
Track your food
15+ min of mobility daily
1h of exercise daily
Take fish oil & Omega 3
Take daily progress photos

Complete any or all of our bonus challenges:

100% tracking accuracy - 10 day streak
Run 10k
30K steps in a day
Run a half marathon
Rid your kitchen of all packaged foods
Meal prep for 5 days
And many more...

View All Challenge Rules

2. Earn points with daily check-ins & each Bonus challenge completed

Do some, or do all. Each rule and bonus challenge has a point value. The challenge is designed for you to choose your commitment and difficulty level.

Throughout the challenge, we keep you engaged with daily check-ins and bonus challenges through our challenge Facebook group and daily emails. Our focus are around meal planning, hydration, sleep and mobility. There’s a new leaderboard every day along with recipes and tips to help you along the way. Bonus challenges are meant to push you outside your comfort zone so you can gain confidence and amazing results.

3. Stay Motivated with Coaches + Community Support

Our team has got your back through the ups and downs. If we see a change in your check-ins, we’ll drop you a note to book a call to get you on track. At the same time, we respect your journey and your goals. We don’t believe in an all or nothing mentality, but lifelong change. However big or small your goals are, we will support you.
Our weekly Live Q&As are curated to answer YOUR questions and our coaches respond to comments and posts every day.

Here's how we make it fun and interesting:

Gain Points
Daily check-ins and Bonus challenges to earn points from
Get Coaching
Weekly live Q&A sessions from all BODZii Coaches for in-depth answers to your question
The Best Education
Videos to learn about macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and food quality.
Fresh Content
Curated tips, recipes, articles, videos and an updated leaderboard of points every day
Community Support
A Facebook group of motivated folks, dietitians and coaches are there to support and cheer you on
Awesome weekly prizing and a grand CASH prize!

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When you join our challenge, we teach you about:

Proper macronutrient portioning based on YOUR body type and How to prioritize quality food and be specific with tracking
Food Quality
Nutrition Label Reading: Learn about DV %, micronutrients, and macronutrients.
Hydration & Sleep
How much hydration and sleep you need to optimize your body. And the importance of both of these for weight loss
Eating To Perform
Post workout nutrition and ratio of carbohydrates to protein and how to properly exercise for fat loss
What is mindful eating vs.calorie counting
Keeping You Accountable
How to keep a food diary, the glycemic index and so much more!


along with many other prizes along the way!

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Step 2: Join the group

Once accepted into the group, click the link pinned to the top and get your personal macronutrient profile and book your complimentary phone call.

Step 3: Get your macros

Answer a couple of questions, get your macronutrients and get set up to start tracking your intake!

Challenge Starts October 19th!

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