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what is the challenge?

  • The challenge is 28 days for your members to focus on nutrition and lifestyle building blocks. Food quality, sleep, hydration, recovery and exercise. There are challenge guidelines to be followed with each topic. Some of the guidelines include no processed foods and no alcohol, 7-8h/night of sleep, 2.2-3L of water a day and many more!
  • Members will learn about the guidelines in the 25 minute Webinar provided to you.

  • The members will learn about best sources of protein, carbs, fat, how to portion out their meals, and how to track their food. After watching the challenge webinar, they will have guidelines to follow in order to get points. There are 9 points up for grabs each day that they will track on their scoresheet.
  • Members get access to the members only Facebook group that you will create which will have the webinar, a scoresheet where they will track their points, and access to BODZii resources and content along the way like BODZii University, online learning modules educating about basic nutritional science, and access to the BODZii Blog.

don't waste any more time...

We've created a step-by-step process.
A way for your members to educate themselves
And a way for your members to track progress
  • Get a nutrition program to offer your members
  • An additional revenue stream
  • Member engagement and happiness
  • A full marketing plan for recruitment and challenge success
  • 28 days of challenge content and material
  • A Done-for-you lifestyle challenge that you can run whenever you want including a tracking system, point system, a full webinar and plan to follow

Pay $249

SRP = $50/participant
ROI = $1000 with just 20 participants!

what do your members get?

  • A Scoresheet to keep track of points
  • An online support group and webinar
  • A personal macronutrient profile
  • 28 days worth of content including recipes, grocery lists, articles and much more.
  • BODZii University, our online learning platform
  • Education on the basics of nutritional science, how to track food properly, how to eat to perform but also for muscle gain and weight loss
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Gym owner testimonials

"The BODZii Lifestyle Challenge provides lots of value with little time committment from myself."
CrossFit MontCo, PA
"We needed to bring in a structured challenge to help our members understand why nutrition is so important. BODZii made it accessible and easy for our members. " 
CrossFit COL, ON
"The Bodzii program has allowed me as a gym owner, to focus more on building our business, rather than spending hours training new coaches on implementing a nutrition program in house"
CrossFit Crux, ON
"I'm impressed with the structure and professionalism. Access to a Dietitian and Nutritionist together is the way all nutrition programs should be."
CrossFit UV, ON

client results

"It's pretty amazing what 28 days and a group of likeminded people can achieve together"
Carmen, Toronto
"I'm eating more than ever because of the Lifestyle Challenge. Over 2000 calories and leaner than ever!"
Kailee, Toronto
"I had already lost a good amount of weight going into this Lifestyle challenge and this was the push I needed to keep going. I'm not done yet!
Martin, St. Catharines
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