Welcome/R.D. Lifestyle Challenge Playbook


Welcome to #TeamBODZii. You’re adding so much credibility and value to our program and for that, we thank you!

Let’s get you up to date on all your roles, responsibilities, and workflows here at BODZii. If you have any questions, please reach out to Emilie@bodzii.com, our Head Dietitian.

  1. Sign up for a program

    Go through the process of signing up for one of our programs in order to get yourself into our app. After you have a profile created, we will be able to set you as an Administrator to access all of our client management features.
    You can complete this at http://app.bodzii.com/register/44

  2. Go through BODZii U

    You may have already gotten an invite to enrol in BODZii University. If not, you can join by clicking this link >> https://bodziiuniversity.teachable.com and going through BODZii Basics. The Lifestyle Challenge Course is a shortened version of the Basics, but contains the same material.

  3. Familiarize yourself with Slack!

    Since this is our main source of back and forth communication, it’s important you familiarize yourself with the channels. Once added to the channels, you will be able to see all previous conversation. Introduce yourself, read up on some information etc.

  4. Set your acuity availability

    BODZii Uses Acuity to schedule all appointments. You have been added to the Acuity Team under your email address with the password set as, <<LastnameFirstname>>.

  5. Go through Lifestyle Challenge Keynote

    Download the PDF Version of the Keynote HERE
    Download the Keynote Version HERE

    *updates are regularly made to the Keynote. Please check back regularly to keep your version up to date*

  6. Read Playbook

    We’ve provided you with the fundamentals of the Lifestyle Challenge and your rolls below. However, take some time to go through the BODZii Playbook to understand how more on how things work.

  7. Set up a meeting with your trainer

    Emilie Trottier, our Head RD, will take you through training for your roll. Set up a meeting with her by emailing emilie@bodzii.com to get started.

Lifestyle Challenges

·      Overview

o   The challenge focuses on the essentials to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle: Food quality, mentality, meal portioning and tracking, sleep, hydration, stress, exercise and mobility.

o   The challenge consists of:

a) Recruiting a gym,
b) Seminar day (InBody Scans and Seminar),
c) 1 week of prep time (which includes clients completing their workout (WOD – Workout of the Day) completing the Bodzii University course, and joining the Facebook group),
d) 4 week challenge,
e) Review Day (goal setting and second InBody scans)

o   Members check in daily, and winner of challenge is based on total points, body comp change, participation in the challenge, pre and post workout scores

·      Crossfit gyms

o   Recruited by Robyn, Head Coach at Bodzii

o   Challenges are mostly members of that gym, but don’t have to be

o   Most are regular gym go’ers

·      Dietitian’s role

Seminar Day

  • o   Perform InBody Scans (60-90 mins)

  • o   Seminar (1 hour)


  •  RD goes live Sunday or Monday evenings (3 x Facebook lives 1x per week w/ a topic and mini challenge winner announced)

  • Nutrition coach goes live Wed or Thurs evenings (who announce mini challenge)

  • Answer questions throughout the challenge

  • Post personal photos/comments throughout

  • Response time within 24 hours is preferable, as people have “in-the-moment” questions

  • The more general the comments sometimes the better. We encourage that and get more specific in our one-on-one consults

  • All tech support questions go to support@bodzii.com

  • Dietitians bring food labels to seminar day

  • Connect with Emilie right after the challenge, mid challenge, and at end of challenge to wrap up

    Seminar Day SOP

    1. Agenda

    Welcome to the lifestyle challenge seminar! Thank you for being here. (Introduce yourselves, who you are. Why you work for BODZii and some experience of yours)

    Since you’re signed up and here, it means that you already went through BODZii University. At the end of this seminar we’ll go over any questions that you might have regarding our nutrition recommendations, guidelines, and any basics nutritional science.

    Over the next 45 minutes we’re going to introduce you to the BODZii Way, go over nutrition label reading and comparison, my fitness pal tips and tricks, your in body scan, challenge guidelines and how to get points, and then go over how to do your check ins. At the end we’ll have a q & a.


    The BODZii Method

    • We’ve come up with a way for each and every one of you to feel confident that you can reach your goals. By following the BODZii way, we’re sure you can get all the support you need by simply following our proven path.

    • We’ve put the BODZii Way up here to show you what’s possible. You’re here because you’ve signed up for the challenge which is step one on getting to your goals. We’re glad you’ve taken this step and are even more excited to continue working with you on an individual basis should you choose to pursue the BODZii Way.


    Label Reading

    • Comparing and contrasting labels and how to navigate a grocery store is something that can benefit you all a lot during the challenge.

    • Break up into groups. If <20 at the seminar, do one group.

    • Go through nutrition label reading sheet. Download off Blog.



    • My fitness pal is the tool that you all will use to track your food. When we go into our challenge guidelines, in order to get full points, you all will have to track your daily intake on my fitness pal. We’ll go through some important things to note that will make your life a little easier.

    • Some things to remember about tracking your food is:

    1. The more you track, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

    2. Tracking gets easier the more you do it.

    3. It’s always better to track something versus nothing at all.

    4. You can build the habit of tracking by logging one meal at a time.

    5. When you can’t find an exact match for what you want to track, pick something similar.

    • The My fitness pall database is full of millions of options to choose from. It can be easy to get overwhelmed. Since anyone can enter in their own food, a lot of options might not be accurate. You can double check the accuracy of your entry by using google or www.calorieking.com.

    • Be specific with your entries to make finding the most appropriate option easier

    • Entering in whole, 1 ingredient foods, is your best way to know exactly what you’re eating.

    If you’re making a recipe, make sure to enter in ingredients individually before cooking. During our first live session on the Facebook group, we’ll be going over a more in depth way to create and track larger recipes like chilis, stews and soups and even baking.

    • Your MFP will start to recognize common foods that you use and will build a databased based on what you frequently enter. You can also add in meals from the previous day if you eat the same meal regularly.



    • For a full in depth video of your inbody analysis, you can visit the library in your app and click on “tracking your progress”

    • The points we’re going to go over today are what you need to know for your check ins and what we’ll be looking at when going over progress at the end of the challenge.

    • At the top of the page you’ll see your information along with the code you’ve used. Use this for the final in body scan as well to view your history.

    • Your body comp analysis underneath shows you what your weight is made up of: Body water (which should be around 70% of your body weight), dry lean mass, and body fat mass.

    • Your muscle fat analysis directly compares your weight with your skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. Over the course of the 4 weeks, we want to change the ratio of your body fat mass and SMM. We’ll see three different shapes that your chart can take. And I, and C and a D.

    • Underneath the number we want to take a look at is the Body Fat percentage. As athletes, our BMI is not an accurate representative of our current state because its simply the relationship between your weight and height. Try to get your body fat percentage lower.

    • At the right hand side, you’ll see your BMR. This is what nutritions and dieticians can use to determine how much food you should be eating on a daily basis. This is how much energy your body uses (how many calories you spend) when your body is at rest. You need to be eating more than this!

    • At the bottom, you’ll have your history. On your first and last check in, you will be asked for these three numbers.


    Challenge Guidelines


    • Balance and Priority: Stick to the food guidelines that were mentioned in BODZii University. Stick to whole, 1 ingredient sources of protein, carbs and fat. Also stick to the plate portioning sizes in module 7.

    • Fluid: Women 9 cups Men 12 cups per day. Tea and Coffee count up to 400mg/day (4 cups)

    • Sleep: 7-8 hours a night

    • Micronutrients: Supplementation is not require but if you are avoiding or limiting major food groups then you must supplement with Vitamin D of 1000 IU daily and Omega 3 1000mg at least daily.

    • Post workout: Within 60 minutes with a ratio of 2-3:1 Carbs and Protein. Medium High glycemic index foods are allowed and high quality protein

    • Meal Frequency: Eat a minimum of 3-4 hours


    Foods to avoid: See slide


    See slide



    To Do’s



    1. Set up and Take down

    Setting up for the seminar is important as it’s the first look at the BODZii brand for challenge participants. Making things look professional is what we need to achieve.

    Set up banners on either side of projector.

    Set up 10 minute prior to seminar kick off with Slide 1 of the BODZii Keynote presented.

    ii. InBody analysis (how to, FAQ)

    The InBody test provides a comprehensive view of a body’s composition balance, providing a detailed report outlining an individual’s measurements in such things as, but not limited to:


    • Total skeletal muscle mass

    • Total body fat

    • Total body fat percentage

    • Visceral fat

    • Total body water

    • Segmental muscle and fat analysis

    • Bone mineral content

    • Basal metabolic rate


    These elements, which are the components of the human body, all closely relate to our health. Therefore, using the method of quantitative analysis to study these elements of body composition, and body composition analysis, provides the basic information needed to assess the current status of the body.

    Before the test, it's important to adhere to pre-test guidelines to ensure the best, most accurate results. Here are some things to help you prepare:


    • Assure the test is conducted before a meal

    • Make sure to use the bathroom

    • Do not exercise right before conducting the test

    • Stand still for few minutes before

    • Do not conduct the test right after a shower or sauna

    • Do not take measurements during the menstrual cycle

    • Do not conduct the test if you have a pace maker

    • If a retest is carried out, make sure to conduct the taste under the same condition


    Please visit www.inbody.com for further information.


    iii. BODZii App/Keynote

    Access to an iPhone or iPad is needed to run the seminar.

    The presentation will be on Apple Keynote and projected onto the projector.

    The slides will be controlled by the Keynote remote on your iPhone.

    Familiarize yourself will all these apps before your seminar.

    iv. Seminar day FAQs

    If someone has a question regarding the app, check ins, or a procedure you do not understand, please post the question in the Slack channel “#seminardays”  and tag @Robyn for it to be taken care of.

    Here are some questions that will most likely get asked:

    Q: What if I do perfect one day and have one drink of alcohol. Do I still get 0pts?

    A: Yes. We’re challenging you to go alcohol free for 28 days. Remember, it’s not ALL about the points. It’s about your progress. You can also still make up points through bonus points.

    Q: So I have to workout every day to get full points?

    A: Sure, but you will not win the challenge if you work out every day. Your body will become inflamed due to overtraining, your recovery will suffer and your progress will at some point stop. You have to rest!

    Q:When do I do my check in?

    A: Your first check in is on the Tuesday AM after the first Monday.

    Q: Can I have X (Dark chocolate, yogurt, ketchup….)

    A: Always check in the ingredient list. If it has added sugar, it’s a no.

    Q: I’m confused about the nutrition labels. What happens if there’s sugar in the nutrition label but it’s not in the ingredient list?

    A: That’s okay! Those are natural sugars.

    Technical questions

    Q: I tried signing up for the challenge but didn’t pay.

    A: The next time you sign in on the web, it should prompt you to pay.

    Q: What if I want my macros changed?

    A: Send an email request to your challenge dietitian

    Q: My information on my profile is wrong.

    A: You can click on a feature in your profile and change it yourself

    Q: How can I change my information?

    A: Log into http://app.bodzii.com/login and in your profile, click what you would like edited.

    v. Equipment list

    • InBody Scanner

    • InBody Printer

    • 2 x printer chords

    • 2 x InBody chords

    • extension chord

    • InBody result sheets

    • Disinfecting wipes

    • 2 x BODZii Banners

    • Projector and chords

    • Projector Screen

    • Tripods x 2 (1 recording, 1 live)

    • Nutrition Labels

    • Nutrition Label Reading guide

    InBody Scans

    • Refer to Acuity for names and appointment schedule

    • Introduce yourself!

    • Ask pre-scan questions*

    • Wipe down InBody after every Scan

    • Post to Facebook group a list of people who have not completed their InBody scan and give alternatives (a second date or alternate measurements).

    • If a second date is not an option (location etc), please contact robyn@bodzii.com to organize an alternative solution