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Our lifestyle challenge creates and additional revenue stream for you. Sit back, watch your members lose weight, gain muscle and perform better and let us do the work for you. 40% of all challenge revenue will go to you, the gym owner.

Every single day, your members will have new content on their Facebook group. There will be no shortage of new articles, recipes, tips, and tricks for building a balanced, healthy, high performance lifestyle.

We have a team of Registered Dieticians and Certified Nutritionists available to your members throughout the challenge. At any time, your members can reach out through your Facebook group and our team will get back to them. For personal questions, members can reach out directly to our staff via email. Check out our team here!

You get your own personal support group on Facebook that includes all our coaches and all your challenge participants. Post recipes, tips, suggestions, questions, anything here and get support from our staff.

Our coaches will go on your support group 2 x a week to answer questions and talk hot nutritional topics. Whether its tracking hacks, or talking about diet mentality, our staff is experienced to talk about a variety of different subjects that will keep your members learning.

Each challenge participant gets their own profile with macronutrient breakdown, profile and leaderboard assigned to their challenge. Every day, participants will answer a series of questions to tally up their points. This platform will also display their progress photos. This is all done through our BODZii App

Transitioning out of the 28-day Challenge, it wraps up with a BODZii Review where a BODZii member comes into your gym and does a goal setting session with your members. We then follow this up with a 20 minute phone consultation to transition your members into 90 days of weekly coaching. During the 90 days, we’re able to really get to know your members and help transform them into a better, more knowledgeable, empowered version of themselves.

You, the gym owner, will continue to get income for each member who transitions into the 90 day coaching program.

After the 90 days is over, members then reduce the frequency of their check-ins down to 1 x a month. Done through the app and over the phone, your members will never second guess whether they’re on the right track.

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