Online Challenge

lifestyle challenge

what is it?

During 28 days you can transform your lifestyle and change your body composition by learning about nutrition and tracking your food, activity, and recovery, while engaging in a little friendly competition with other participants!

what do i get?

  • Daily check-ins on our mobile app - 5 easy questions to answer to give you points on our leaderboard!
  • An Facebook online support group and webinar - for you and all other challenge participants.
  • Access to a nutritionist and Registered Sports Dietitian for the 28 days - 2 x Facebook live sessions a week and daily group monitoring.
  • A personal macronutrient profile - your very own protein, carbs, and fats.

  • 28 days worth of content including recipes, grocery lists, articles and much more
  • BODZii University, our online learning platform - learn about macros, calories, best sources and plate portioning
  • A nutrition consultation to discuss results after the challenge is over - let’s talk about how we can keep you moving forward.

the price

$99 + tax

the dates

The Webinar is Sunday January 26th (on the Facebook group) and Challenge Day 1 is Monday February 3rd!