Where do our calories come from?


Calories come from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Each macro has different effects on your body, which is why all calories aren’t created equal. 


The leading champ of the macros. It helps you build or maintain muscle, stay full and keep you lean.


Essential macro to live. Fats store energy, insulate us, protect our vital organs, assist with brain functionality and more.


Source of energy. They help fuel our bodies and keep our brains and muscles fresh. Understanding how to balance your meals will make a world of difference in creating a healthy, long-term relationship with food. You will see improvements in your body composition, how you feel and how you perform in the gym.

Tracking your food may sound restricting, but really it’s the opposite. The nutrition piece of the Lifestyle Challenge will not focus on any particular diet (raw, paleo, vegan, gluten-free). Instead, the focus is on general food quality and making sure that we eliminate foods in our diet that hinder our quality of performance and life. 

The goal here is simple: Eat foods that are in their most pure, whole form without much added processing. Some foods such as yogurt and fermented soy beans that have been processed have actually been shown to be beneficial for one’s health. Ask a coach or do some research if you have any questions about particular foods.

It’s very important that at each meal we aim for a serving of lean protein, a serving of carbohydrates, a serving of healthy unsaturated fat and one to two servings of vegetables.