Testimonials: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Client Testimonials

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

As a gym owner, client stories and testimonials can have a tremendous effect on attracting new clients. However, not all testimonials are created equal.  What should you look for? What is useless? What should you ensure you avoid?

Bad Testimonials

Fake, forced, made-up, or completely over the top client testimonials are easy to spot, and must be avoided.  These generally will happen when you ask clients for testimonials without giving them guidance. You never want to tell your clients what to write, but you want them to talk about parts of your service or coaching  that had profound impact on their lives.

Useless Testimonials

Short testimonials without any detail or that do not describe the effect your service actually had on the client will  be ineffective to gaining new clients.  An example of this could be “Awesome atmosphere, great coaches, and challenging programming”.  All of these things may be true to your gym, however nothing about this will strike a chord with potential clients.  Potential clients need to know why the atmosphere was awesome, what the coaches do that is so great, and what parts of the programming were so challenging.  These details will provide a real connection to potential clients.

Compelling testimonial/ Client Story

For a testimonial to be effective, they need to focus on how your service changed a clients life, empowered them, and helped them achieve their specific goal.  A compelling client story does not focus on how great your coaching, or gym is, it is focused on specific moments, and the supportive journey that helped solve a clients problem. 

At the end of our BODZii Lifestyle Challenge, your gym with be provided with a free testimonial template to ensure that you collect the best quality testimonials that you can use as marketing for future services and create excitement within your gym.

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Dan Visentin