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Live coaching sessions in the Facebook group every week from a dietitian and nutritionist
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When you join our challenge, we teach you about:

Proper macronutrient portioning based on YOUR body type and How to prioritize quality food and be specific with tracking
Nutrition Label Reading: Learn about DV %, micronutrients, and macronutrients.
How much hydration and sleep you need to optimize your body. And the importance of both of these for weight loss
Post workout nutrition and ratio of carbohydrates to protein and how to properly exercise for fat loss
What is mindful eating vs.calorie counting
How to keep a food diary, the glycemic index and so much more!

We have tested and fine tuned our challenges over 6 years to give you the best experience to build healthy life-long habits.

We created a system to hold you accountable. Our coaches give you feedback on your habits and what you can try to improve tomorrow.

Every challenge we’ve had, we looked at how participants respond and made changes for the best behaviour.

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Answer a couple of questions, get your macronutrients and get set up to start tracking your intake!

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