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We empower you, the boss babe, to lead a healthy and successful life you love. Learn weight loss strategies that last a lifetime, personalized just for you.

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Because of everything BODZii has taught me, I'm stronger and fitter than I ever have been.” - Kelly P.
"Dropping over 10 lbs is one thing, but the relationship I've gained with my husband is even more important." - Kim M.
"The girls at BODZii are absolute gems. I feel back in control of my health and my goals." - Andrea
I have the tools needed to give myself a lifetime of health and fitness! The little things go a long long way.” - Leuween B.
don't work so hard you leave your health behind

How we're creating Fit Girl Bosses...

But wait, what is a Fit Girl Boss (or, an FGB)? A FGB is a woman who sees nutrition, fitness, and mental health as a part of their responsibility, as a professional striving for success.

We are building a society of women who aren't just looking for work/life balance - we want more. We want to push ourselves to work just as hard on our bodies and minds as we do our business or career.

I'm dedicated to teaching you not just how to be find balance and be healthy, but how to be fit and successful. Or... a Fit Girl Boss.

- Robyn, CEO

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